As a young girl Carmen would wander her parents garden. Yes, often it was to weed but most often she was always drawn to the flowers. It was their color, scents, shapes and movement that caught her eye. In her room was a floral patterned Laura Ashley quilt and always a couple of Vogue and Seventeen magazines with pictures clipped out and sorted by style in a notebook. When she planned her own wedding in 2002 she created her own pre-Pinterest book which included everything from pictures of the gown and flowers to the cake style. So it is really no surprise that flowers and design is where she eventually found herself.

Sauvage Fleur is the culmination of Carmen's love of fashion, textiles, interior design, merchandising, floral arranging and creating lasting memories. She knows how moving it is to receive flowers and have something created just for you. In 2017 Carmen re-branded her planning company to focus on floral design and styling for intimate and large gatherings. She especially loves to create intentional spaces that reflect her clients and styles her flowers in a gathered and organic manner. Carmen understands the value of relationships and brings a wealth of knowledge in customer service, fashion merchandising and management into every project both small and large. She would love to meet with you and help you develop a vision or partner with you in producing a one of a kind event. 

"I love to create arrangements within in the same color palette. One way to achieve this is through using a few main focal flowers and pair them with more delicate flowers and let their petals create the transition to help tie the arrangement together. And whenever possible I love to let the flower dictate the design. A little wild. A little refined." ~ Carmen Arnott


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