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Hi there! I'm Carmen, the owner of Sauvage Fleur. This page is a personal project of mine and I am going to share one of my goals with you! Did you know that I attempt to source locally grown flowers as much as possible? This is important to me because one, I am super passionate about supporting small business owners (especially all the boss ladies out there). Two, your flowers are fresher and last longer than flowers that have been shipped in from overseas (even though I do love a beautiful Peony). Three, it's better for our environment. Four, it keeps agriculture alive as a vital source of our American economy. Five, by buying flowers from local farmers I am supporting their vision, dream, hard work, families and ultimately their business. It is my hope/goal that some day I will get 100% of my flowers from American grown flower farms. In the near future, I will be writing a little list of each farm that contributed flowers to my wrapped bouquets on a simple and chic tag. This way you know where your flowers came from and you can feel good about supporting your local farmers.

Most of the flowers I purchase for weddings come from the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. The main source of their flowers are from flower farms here in the Pacific Northwest and the rest come from Alaska (mainly Peonies), Oregon and California. Many of the flower farms featured at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market are certified Salmon Safe. If I need to source outside the USA for flowers (if for some reason I can't get them locally - which I haven't needed to do yet), I will use Florabundance, Mayesh and or Washington Floral Service (all of who often source from PNW and California). This year I have started to reach out to new flower farms (there are many here in Washington) to help support their growing efforts and source new specialty product for weddings design work. In an effort to help create awareness of our local flower farming community I will be blogging about local flower farms this year. These local flower farms may be large (over an acre), but most of them are under 1 acre or under a 1/2 acre and I can't wait to share their stories with you! You'll also get a behind the scenes look at my urban cutting garden!

The following is a growing list of where I source flowers for wedding design and personal deliveries. I have also included a small but growing resource section and links to other farms for those of you who are interested in learning more about where your flowers come from and how to grow your own flowers. I have attempted to link their websites and you can access them by clicking on the links below. 

I am also excited to announce that Sauvage Fleur is listed on Floret Flower's website under their Find Flowers tab. I love what they are doing and be sure to check out her new book which launches in March! Enjoy! ~ Carmen

Flower Farms


Alaska Peony Cooperative


Seattle Wholesale Growers Market*

Jello Mold Farm*

All My Thyme*

Triple Wren Flowers

Everyday Flowers*

Ojeda Farms*


Mossy Gate Flower Farm

Foothills Flowers Farm

CF Greens

Flower Resources

Slow Flowers

Salmon Safe

Floret Flower Farm

American Grown Flowers

The Gardener's Workshop

Our Favorite Flower Books

"Discovering the Meaning of Flowers"  | Shane Connolly

"Bringing Nature Home" | Ngoe Minh Ngo (arrangements by Nicolette Owen) 

more coming soon!