the process

Hi there! I put together this page to better help you understand my process and hopefully help answer a few questions! As a small business owner who values exceptional client service, I really want you to feel comfortable and communicated with during your wedding planning. I hope it helps you understand the flow from inquiry to retaining my studio services for your wedding or event. I welcome questions and will do my best to answer them! All the best! Carmen


The first step is to reach out and say hello. Once you click you'll be directed to fill out a detailed questionnaire form that way I can get to know your needs, style, budget and date. You may wonder why it's so involved? Well, I value saving you time and I wanted to make the "filling out a form" an efficient process. The next step is to schedule a consultation via phone, email or Google Hangouts/Skype/ FaceTime. We will often meet later in person as well do a venue [site] visit. However, we feel in order to save time and travel that a quick but sincere phone conversation or video conference can help see if we are headed in the same direction aesthetically and personably. 

retain & design

If you feel we are on the same page with aesthetics, vision, and budget, then we would be honored to be your design studio. We ask that you carefully read and sign the contract and send us a valid retainer. Once your retainer has cleared our next step is to one, secure your date and two, present a more detailed design proposal complete with flower and decor selections for your approval or revision. Sometimes our clients love the first detailed design proposal and for others it can take up to two design/flower selection revisions. With our services we offer up to two design/flower selection revisions prior to our ordering cutoff date.  We specialize in providing one of a kind flower and event design. While we may pull inspiration from pictures you have showed us we hope you understand that our designs are unique and arranged as a one-of-a kind art piece. This way your wedding is as special as you are and represents you as a couple. Once we decide on a design direction, you will be asked to sign it as it will become apart of our services to you and your contract. Any additional revisions or additions might be charged a re-design fee and could be subject to additional charges due to cost of extra flowers, time, labor and contracts we may have with our farmers and or wholesalers.


I really love to get to know my clients and I feel it's important for you to get to know me to see if we are a good fit. During your consultation we'll dive into what your vision is, how we'll make it happen and what you can expect. This includes going over your questionnaire, flower choices, budget, wedding date and vendor/client expectations. After your consultation you'll receive an estimated proposal [usually within 1-2 days]. This includes a basic budget with proposed flower and design selections plus our contract for you to review at your leisure. At this point we'll do a soft reserve of your date for seven business days [we will open up your date after those seven days should we not receive a valid *retainer from you]. 

work it & deliver

We value exceptional client service. After your wedding and event design is finalized, Carmen works with our design resources, flower farmers and wholesalers to source the best available accessories, decor, and the highest quality fresh seasonal flowers. In the months leading up to your wedding, we will be in touch with you at 60 & 30 days out from your event to check in, go over any questions and finalize wedding details. Depending on the scope of the event, services retained and our clients needs, we offer several methods of delivery. For the day of wedding or event we will schedule your flowers to be picked up at our studio or hand delivered to your wedding venue or other location. For a seamless experience we do offer styling, installation and take down of florals and our provided design details (this is an added service that is priced on your contract). We want you, your friends and family to enjoy your wedding. This is why we love to deliver flowers, style your event because it lets you and your guests enjoy!

*for detailed information on our services, our cancelation policy, retaining your date, design revisions, pricing for delivery, set up and take down of our flowers and design elements please contact the studio. This information is subject to change. We strive to be upfront and will do our best to update this information regularly. Please see our terms link here.


do you have a floral design minimum?

At Blue Ivory & Co. we believe your wedding signifies that first step towards a life that others want to witness and support [kinda of like the starting point on a map]. Our services range from floral design to floral design and styling. We do not have a minimum per say but we estimate that most of our weddings that include delivery and installation start around $1000. However, there are so many variables that go into planning a wedding so don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions! 

do you provide flowers for elopements or smallish weddings?

I absolutely love elopements and "small" weddings! So the answer is a resounding, YES! In fact these are some of my favorite weddings because the day is truly about you as a couple and it gives you the freedom to make this day a little more unique. Most clients who elope will spend about $125 or more for flowers. 

do you offer free delivery? 

We are based in Anacortes, Washington and offer complimentary pick up at our Studio. With each wedding being as unique as our couples, please contact us to learn more about our "free" delivery areas. Keep in mind most clients prefer us to hand deliver the flowers because it gives them a break, a chance to enjoy each-other and not worry about the set up! 

what about set up and installation services?

This really depends on what are the needs of our clients and how can we best meet them. For example, if we are hired for set up and installation of flowers and design elements you will receive a quote that covers the set-up, installation and take down of your floral and design elements. We will communicate with your other vendors to help the set up and installation run smoothly and on time. Our set up and installations services are executed with attention to detail, timing and professionalism. This is why we are recommended by photographers - our punctuality helps your photography schedule stay on time - because who really wants to take photos with an unfinished arch? 

I don't know what flowers to pick, can you help me?

I love that my previous career was grounded in management, merchandising and personal styling. In these roles, I not only managed day to day tasks, I worked with clients to help them find their own fashion style. So of course I'd love to help you discover your unique style. I usually start with getting to know a little more about your lifestyle; where you like to dine at and where you like to go on vacation. I feel it's important to translate who you are as individuals and as a couple into the overall design and feel for your wedding day. I also love to take my clients to an art museum or a design store and see how they feel inspired by color, patterns and texture. This helps me understand more about who you are as person and what decor or flowers might compliment you the best. All of this is important because on your wedding day, I want your flowers to speak to you, to move you and to feel apart of you.