congratulations on your engagement!

You’ve been planning your wedding day maybe only for a few weeks, months or maybe you’ve been planning for a lifetime. We’ve been there too and we are so excited to meet with you and discuss your vision, dreams and partner with you to help make them a reality! We’d like to officially welcome you to the Sauvage Family. You see when you have a wedding designed by us, you not only have access to luxury linens and curated decor elements, you have access to our knowledge of styling, fashion, seasonal flowers and years of developing exceptional client service. Because you are so important to us you'll find we care about you just as much as we care about the design and flower choices selected for your wedding. We truly want your day to reflect who you are as a couple. So we have three main questions for you. 

How did you meet?

What are your priorities for your wedding day?

What inspires you?

You may be wondering why just three questions, don't I get to fill out a questionnaire? The short answer is yes but as a studio we also feel that if these three questions aren't asked, we may miss an opportunity to deliver a unique (not done before) design. Which goes back to our desire for your day to reflect you (not someone else). We thank you for helping us better serve you. Please take your time as these three questions are essential in your planning process. And finally our last question is...

Are you Sauvage?

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