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How to Use Pinterest | Part One

Pinterest, BusinessCarmen Arnott
Aura May Photography | Wedding Coordination: Sauvage Fleur (formerly Blue Ivory & Co.)

Aura May Photography | Wedding Coordination: Sauvage Fleur (formerly Blue Ivory & Co.)

Hi there friends! Earlier this month, I introduced a dedicated blog series called Lately on Pinterest. With that you got to see some of my favorite "floral installations" and some inspiring works of floral art. Incase you didn't see it click here. Today I want to share with you, Why I Use Pinterest." You see some creatives have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I happen to love it. But I will say that I have learned how to use it while loving it and not be connected at the hip with that little red and white circle. The reason why most of us Creatives "hate" or "dislike" Pinterest is because our clients come to us with a designated board of other wedding ideas that they like. We then feel like our clients are locked into a certain style and want us to copy the wedding pictures they are showing us. So how do you handle that? I think it goes back to understanding why our clients use Pinterest (and why we use Pinterest). Hang with me and I'll explain.

Why I Use Pinterest

Let's start with why I use Pinterest. For business, I primarily go to Pinterest when I need to look at a client's wedding board or I don't have a good grasp on a style or direction for an event. Now, this doesn't mean that I don't get what my future client wants or that I don't relate well with others. It simply means that sometimes Potato means Po - ta - toe. Or when a client thinks wild flowers means weeds-from-a-ditch-on-the-side-of-a-road and I need to clarify what that could look like. So how do you do that? How do you clarify, communicate or translate a clients vision into a tangible creation that you, as an artist, can be proud of all while keeping it true to the client's wishes? It starts with understanding why we use Pinterest on a personal level. Because if we understand why we use it for our own personal interests, then we can relate to why our Clients are using Pinterest.

Aura May Photography | Wedding Coordination: Sauvage Fleur (formerly Blue Ivory & Co.)

Aura May Photography | Wedding Coordination: Sauvage Fleur (formerly Blue Ivory & Co.)

Why Do You Use Pinterest?

So let me ask you why do you use Pinterest? Just think about it for a few minutes. Come up with three reasons why you use Pinterest. Now that you have your three reasons, go Pin a few images that relate to those reasons. Be aware of what your mind is thinking while you Pin. Is there a reason that you chose to Pin those images, DIY ideas, how to's and vacation spots? Maybe it's because a picture of a delicious gourmet recipe stood out to you. Why did it catch your eye? Was it a well styled picture of figs, locally made cheese and cured meats? Did you like the layout? Are you looking for food recipes for the party you're hosting next week? Still with me? This is also why our clients Pin. They like visual images that can be organized into boards that represent the main theme, idea or objective. Now, is your charcuterie board going to look like the picture you pinned? Maybe. Well, okay it may look even better. My point is that the pictures that our clients pin are not going to be exactly the same as the end result. Do not for one minute think they should be either. No where in your contract or communication with your clients should say, "perfect" "exactly like the Pinterest picture" you would be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment and possibly a court appearance. So if we understand why we Pin, we will understand why our clients Pin. 

Well, stay tuned because I just opened up a huge topic. Hopefully, I haven't offended you. Because offending is not my intent - not at all. My intent is to help my friendly creatives understand ways to use Pinterest that benefits you, your business and your clients. 

I'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to comment below! Much love, Carm