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The Bloom Bash Day One

The Bloom Bash Day One

I am so excited to tell you all about my time down at THE BLOOM BASH in San Clemente, California. It all started with, "you won!" A brief text message from my Sister-n-Law, Jami. You see I had wanted to attend The Bloom Workshop for quite some time, but couldn't afford the ticket. I thought, "well, here is my chance, California is really close to Washington." LOL. Well, I entered, I won and just so you know, Jami, I wish I could have taken you with me! Workshops are an investment. I hope one day that I can pay it forward and give someone else a seat or send my Sister-n-Law. Are you ready, here is a brief re-cap of my first day!


The ladies at The Bloom Workshop were so inviting and greeted everyone with a delicious brunch complete with muffins, fruit and coffee (really good coffee). We each got our own mugs too! Did I mention that the California coast was hit with a torrentail down pour including major lightening and thunder the morning of the first day? The poor Welcome sign below... but it still looked amazing and the sun started to peek through!

IMG_2565 4.JPG


Next up - A KENDRA SCOTT JEWELRY BAR - oh my goodness. We got to pick our own piece of jewelry and customize it! This is the way to my heart; getting to customize my own jewelry. Yes, Please. Everyday!

Seattle Flower Design, blog post Kendra Scott

I forgot to take a picture while I customized my bracelet so here is a similar picture of what my bracelet did look like. 

Connected with other #ladybosses

Then it was time to find my seat. I met the most incredible women who were each attending the workshop for different reasons. Some to expand their skill sets in styling, photography and blogging. Others were there to be around likeminded #ladybosses. Being a small business owner can be lonely and a workshop is the perfect place to meet and connect with others in your industry.


Calligraphy with Molly Jacques

Seriously, this woman is amazing and oh, so patient. For the Calligraphers who attended just to see Molly and learn from her, wow. She took the time to explain basic skills in a very short time. She is also just a really cool person. Here is my attempt below!


The Bloom Bash Day One Takeaway

My biggest take away from The Bloom Bash Day One - BRANDING. I honestly have to share that at the time, I struggled with this message. I know it's important to brand. But I was struggling internally because I knew I wanted my business to focus on floral design, I just wasn't sure that my previous brand name, Blue Ivory & Co. said Floral Design. I decided it did not and so for the past four months, I have intentionally thought about branding and what I wanted my business name to be, what I wanted the logo to look like and more importantly what the process of "branding" should involve.  


I am just starting my branding process so if you haven't read my post on why I decided to "re-brand," check it out here. A part of branding also extends into the world of blogging. Tomorrow on the blog, I will share my takeaway from The Bloom Bash Day Two. Not only did we cover blogging, but Amy Osaba, who is a floral designer I highly respect, was there to teach us her go to bouquet style. Until then, go easy on yourself and enjoy the day!

The Bloom Workshop Video Recap

The Bloom Workshop Video Recap

Bloom Bash Workshop San Clemente, CA | Featured on Style Me Pretty

Bloom Bash Workshop San Clemente, CA | Featured on Style Me Pretty