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Lately on Pinterest | Red Flower Crowns

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Our brand name means Wild Flower in French. I truly believe there is not better way to accent your gorgeous head than with a flower crown. Doning a lush and beautiful flower crown is the epitome of wild flower meets wild spirit. Vogue recently quoted some floral designers saying they wished that the flower crown trend would go away (see it here, ps. when this hit Instagram there were some angry comments). I get it from a stylist's perspective. Maybe they are overdone, tacky or cheap looking.


To the bride who chooses to rock one for her day, the mama to be who wants to do a milk bath photoshoot wearing nothing but the crown while her bump floats above the surface, the girls at the outdoor music festival with their concert tees, the little girl who wants to be a fairy for her special birthday, I say to all you women, YES! #flowercrownsforever.

Flower crowns in my humble opinion are one of the best ways to express yourself - floraly. They evoke the 60's and 70's when bellbottoms and free spirits happily roamed the west coast. All you need to do is check out some of my favorite wedding blogs, Hello May and Festival Brides, and yes, Vogue Brasil and Vogue Korea to see flower crowns done right. They are not just for the petite flower girls. They are for every girl, woman and tribe. That being said. I offer a solution. Floral Headpieces - instead of viewing floral crowns as tacky or over worn, or out of style, let's view them instead as Floral Art. I know, they are still flower crowns. As a floral designer, I love to make them. For me it feels like I am creating a piece of floral jewelry for your hair. So for today's Lately on Pinterest: Red Flower Crowns, I gathered this collection of simple and statement making flower crowns and floral headpieces with the boldest color out there, red. 


Images from Pinterest with sources from the top | Nyzeire @nymcfly for | Bohojoy via Pinterest | Southbound Bride, Photography by Duane Smith, Flower Crown by Alta Steas (groom's mother) | BYRDIE via Vogue Brazil, Model: Candice Swanepoel, Photography and Styling: Mariano Vivanco, Zee Nunes, and Jacques Dequeker | Image via Pinterest, source unknown | From The via Vogue Korea, Models: Sung Hee Kim and Jung Sun Jin, Photography by Bo Lee | Can Can, photographer unknown | Via Pinterest, Tumblr at desertdreamer | Via Pinterest, Tumblr: Photography by Lisa Fahey (formerly Taken Photography) | All images have been thoroughly researched to find the original sources, models, photographers, floral designers, etc. Please see our disclosure statement here. It is my intention to always vet the source and give credit to all parties. xoxo, Carm