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SHOP IT | Spring Favorites from J.Crew | The Basics

SHOP IT | Spring Favorites from J.Crew | The Basics

It's that time again - Spring! Spring used to be a dreaded word for me when it came to fashion (mostly due to the weather here in Washington not being warm enough for those amazing rompers and peep-toe booties). Working in retail over the past fifteen years has allowed me to see the evolution of spring trends; some bad and thankfully most of them good. Even though I have "left" the retail world to pursue the consistently pretty world of flowers and plants, I can't help but dive back into fashion and styling every so often. They are a crucial part of my DNA, if you will. So from time to time I will share more about my past in the retail/fashion business and my present likes (not the dislikes because that takes up too much energy and wine -lol) and must buys with all of you. I often get questions from friends and family about what to wear for spring (it's a hard season up here in the PNW) and since I also need to update my wardrobe I decided to start with some basics.


I always recommend having a solid selection of t-shirts especially graphic tees. Add either a distressed denim or a white pant and you have an instant je ne sais quoi air about you. So of course I start with one of my favorite stores/brands, J.Crew. Who is thankfully recovering from their own identity crisis. J.Crew is the big sister of Madewell (whom I also love) and is known for their laid back classic American look, cashmere sweaters and dare I say French chic styling. Now, I live about 60 -ish miles from the closet major mall so naturally when I go to shop, it's online (PS. this is not a sponsored post - I have loved J.Crew since I was fourteen). Are you ready? I am. 


What I love about graphic tees is that once you put one on, it makes an instant statement. It takes some courage to throw one on, especially if it says I'm with Her or Save the Planet. But really, fashion is all about representing ourselves in a tangible way through our clothes. Here are my spring favorites from J.Crew:

Top to Bottom | Merci Beaucoup, Save the Bees, Save the Elephants, Heels on Fire | Click on the picture to shop | Sourced from J.Crew


Did you know you can help save the wildlife too? By purchasing the Save the Bees t-shirt you are purchasing "garment's for good." Our world's most important plant and flower pollinators are the bees. We have just seen the Rusty Patch bumblebee go on the endangered list. J.Crew teamed up with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of insects. The Save the Bees T-shirt features hand-drawn watercolors by London-based illustrator Marcel George. On the J.Crew website it says that fifty percent of the retail price will go back to Xerces and its mission to save the bees. I am hoping they make more because sadly my size is sold out. But you can visit to learn more and donate!


Now what to pair them with? Well, that depends a little on where you live in the country. But honestly, I am so ready for 60+ degree weather that I will happily wear my sandals if for no other reason then to paint my nails and try to beckon warmer weather. Now, what kind of pants are a must for the spring wardrobe? Personally, I am loving the distressed ripped denim as long as the holes are placed well (not the upper thigh thank you). You may also consider updating your skinny jeans with a new wash, adding a cut-off short or cut-off fringed hem skinny jean. I also am loving the un-finished hem wide leg cropped flares - paired with the right shoe and graphic tee and you can really go day to an evening date at your local wine bar. And finally, the palazzo pant/wide leg pant. Get one. Every body shape can work these as long as you balance the look proportionally with the right top, shoe and accessories. Here are my favorite and on trend (you will be able to wear next year) jeans and one palazzo pant (I may have to dedicate an entire post to them).

Top to Bottom as Follows | Denim short | Slim Boyfriend Jean | Point Sur Culotte Jean | Lookout High-Rise Jean | Collection Ultra Wide Leg Pant | Click on picture to shop | Sourced from J.Crew


And finally, my spring favorites that will hopefully make an appearance on the floor of my closet in the near future starting with my favorite spring trend, the white shoe. New Balance has a cult following when it comes to their "retro" style sneakers and they are helping define the athleisure movement that is transitioning from street-style to main-street style. "Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, trips to school, or other casual or social occasions." (source: Wikipedia) I suggest you jump on the trend because it is here to stay my friends. Okay, so back to shoes. A great pair of flats, sandals, espadrilles, a patterned pump and a white shoe are all you need to work or walk in this season. Here are my spring favorites from J.Crew:

Top to Bottom | New Balance 247 | Striped Tie-Front Flats | d'Orsay Pump in Berry | Lace-up Espadrille | Knotted High Heel sandals | Click on the picture to shop | Sourced from J.Crew


Now you go shop my friends. Shop for a cause. Don't just go to J.Crew because I said to. Use this blog post to inspire you as you shop for your new spring wardrobe. And be sure to support a cause when you do. Whether you love bees, elephants or whales, I encourage you to consider where you are shopping, where it's coming from and whether you can wear it for at least a few years. Some might then call me a hypocrite but I can tell you that everything I have ever bought from J.Crew is still in my closet except for what I bought in College. Happy Shopping! xoxo. Carm

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