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Listen To It | Three Podcasts I Love

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Morning peeps! Happy April 3rd! And happy birthday to my sister!!! Incase you are just tuning in to read yet another blog post... I want to share a quick post about podcasts that I love. These podcasts add "value" to my life and they are sure to add some to yours. Now, why add something to your already hectic life? Well, these podcasts can be listened to while driving (pay attention to the road please), running, walking (be safe and aware), cleaning the house or while blogging (like what I'm doing). So here you go with The It Guide | Three Podcasts I Love. 

Young House Love | A fabulous podcast from John and Sherry of YHL. I haven't listened to all of the podcasts (yet) but I really love their authenticity and approach to design. They are DIY experts, design gurus, designers, book authors and just very easy to listen too! The description of their podcast is as follows, "Deep (and not-so-deep) conversations about home improvement, design and life at home." They had me at Deep. 

Slow Flowers | Debra Prinzing is the lady behind Slow Flowers and she really is the Slow Flower maven. Debra (along with other flowering mavens) is changing the local flower landscape and is the champion of local flower farmers. I listen to this one every week and I really should join Slow Flowers. Soon. Like now.

Mavenly & Co. | Speaking of Mavens. The ladies behind the Mavenly & Co. have a mission that I totally love. "Mavenly & Co. provides young women with resources to design a career and lifestyle with purpose." On the main page of their website it says, WOMEN. WORK. WORTH. And let me tell you discovering my "worth" is invaluable to the way I am choosing to run my business. Now, I just discovered their podcast so for all of you #girlbosses out there I highly recommend first listening to their podcast with Shanna Skidmore titled "Pricing Your Work for Profit." It will be A GAME CHANGER. Yes, a game changer.

That's it for today. Just three podcasts I love and that I hope you'll love too (if you're a podcast kind of person).