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seattle wedding planner and floral designer

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Introducing Sauvage Fleur | Flower Design & Event Styling

Hi there and welcome! Let me share a little about my story with you and why I am "rebranding."

I love flowers and connecting people to design. It is for that reason that I am in the process of changing my brand name from Blue Ivory & Co. to Sauvage Fleur. When I started out, I initially wanted to plan weddings and Blue Ivory & Co. made sense. It had a bit of "something blue" and ivory is a lovely shade for a wedding dress. I have a background in management and merchandising. I can see a space and know instinctively how to take it from a blank slate to a stylized masterpiece. In the last two years I have enjoyed getting to plan and coordinate weddings but I found that my soul needed to create in a more tangible/hands-on approach. I needed a way to express art.

I have always enjoyed using my hands to make objects. I prefer crochet over traditional knitting. I love graphic design but I don't really know how to use Illustrator (I try) and so I often paint or draw flowers. I love movement and rhythm. Whenever I hear a new beat to a piece of music my brain starts to develop a dance routine (I should have stuck with ballet) thus my love for performing arts and expressive dance. If you are still reading this, basically my body expresses art through many forms but my favorite expression is to create an aesthetically cohesive environment through the sculpture of flowers and object styling. 

You see as a young girl I would wander my parents garden. Yes, often it was because I was told to weed. But I was always drawn to the flowers. Their scent, shape and movement. My room had a Laura Ashley quilt. I had Vogue and Seventeen subscriptions and I always loved clothes that had both bold colors and textile patterns. It really is no surprise that flowers is what I eventually settled on because I am drawn to them. I love to mix flowers within the same color pallete or use color theory to create an arrangement. I love the delicate flowers with their light colors and paring them with a bold flower that compliments the shades of the others in the arrangement. I love to let the flower dictate the design whenever possible. A little wild. A little refined.

I wanted my brand, logo design and packaging to reflect the refined wildness that is me (and I love the French countryside). I also wanted a brand name that would eventually enable me to expand to a retail shop and construct a workspace. My goal is that other creatives would be allowed to use this space for collaborative processes. Throughout the last few months two words and one phrase have really stood out to me, "wild flower" and "flower design for beauty that radiates from within." I started to research other languages and was drawn to Gaelic (Irish) and French. I couldn't find anything Irish that wasn't already taken. But then I happened to type in Wild Flower in French and google came up with Fleur Sauvage. I knew that the wild was Sauvage and Fleur was flower. Fleur is often done with flower design companies (and I love it) but it was the Sauvage that really drew me. It could stand on it's own or be apart of Fleur. So I switched the two and Sauvage Fleur was born. 

The purpose of this blog is to allow a space for me to share, well, me. To share with you who I am; my creative processes, successes, failures and business advice. Most likely I will share with you my musings on the fashion and retail industry, give merchandising and styling tips and share what I am pinning to my Pinterest board (click here). I will also post about where I shop, what brands I admire, give tips on choosing vendors for your wedding or event. Most importantly I want to develop a space that allows me to share my other loves; music, art, flower farming and nature. It's a lot but trust me, it's the only way I know how to be me. Transparent. Real. Artistic. Creative. Me.

I took up flowers in early 2016 with the intention of doing my own flowers for our styled shoot to save money and to "control" the design. In doing so I found a piece of myself that had been hidden for a long time. The piece that says, oh, there you are friend. I hope that through this process of exploring and sharing a piece of me and my business that maybe you to will be inspired to create and have that moment that says...

Oh, there you are friend.

Stay tuned as I have slowing started to transition the brand from Blue Ivory & Co. My goal is to have it fully switched by Winter 2018. Blue Ivory & Co will have a landing page with contact information and a link to Sauvage Fleur. It will have one blog post for any visitors who may have seen me at Weddings in Woodenville 2017, Instagram, Facebook or Ruffled will be able to contact the studio. I really appreciate my clients, friends and family for their support and I am excited for the future.

Colorful Floral Installations | Lately on Pinterest

Colorful Floral Installations | Lately on Pinterest

Jami & Phil's Wedding | August 3, 2014