How do you want to feel on your wedding day?

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Hi there! My name is Carmen and I am the principal designer and owner of Sauvage Fleur, a floral design and wedding design studio that helps design and produce a wedding that truly reflects my couples! You may be wondering what does Sauvage Fleur mean and how do I pronounce it? Sauvage Fleur means Wild Flower in the French language and you would say it like this, sawvaage flur. You see, I have always been inspired by the lush rolling hills of France and the English countryside since my Grandmother introduced me to some beautiful Laura Ashley books when I was a little girl. You could say it's in my blood, even though I was raised here in the Pacific Northwest. But that's a whole different story so let's talk about you!

Are you ready?

Oui s'il vous plait (Yes, Please)

You're probably here because you need a Floral Designer or a Planner for your wedding. Right? Maybe, you love flowers, planning and hiring all your vendors, or maybe, you are stressed out, overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure to pull of your wedding? That is why I am here. I love my clients and I truly want your day to be the best day of your life (so far). And to be really honest, you want someone to do it all for you #timesaver and #stresssaver.

I am so glad you're here.

I am a floral designer, stylist and wedding planner with a unique skillset. My background includes 14 years working for Nordstrom in a variety of roles including teaching customer service, developing teams, managing 3 million dollar sales-floors, personal styling, beauty and fashion merchandising. I have an eye for design, a strong work ethic and a graceful nature that allows me to pull together a cohesive and organized event for my clients all while treating the people I work with, with respect.

How can I help you?

Let me ask you this...

How do you want to feel on your wedding day? This is a question I ask of all my clients and your answer provides the foundation to how I build my services that will meet your needs. It is how I start the planning and design process. Each one of my brides and grooms possess a bit of a wild flower (Sauvage Fleur). A bit of themselves that they bring into the relationship and I want to make sure to highlight what makes you individuals and what makes you an amazing couple (because that's important to take with you into your marriage) and what makes you an amazing couple. I would love to meet with you and listen to your dreams, hear your expectations, concerns and yes, your wonderful love story!

What services do you offer?

Sauvage Fleur (previously Blue Ivory & Co. Events) is a floral design, event styling and wedding planning studio inspired by nature, fashion and you! Our designs are romantic but with an styled edge. My clients love that I am able to listen to their needs, assess their style and plan a wedding that feels and looks like them. In addition to floral design and event styling, I offer a Full Planning and Month of Coordination packages. Every "package" is tailored to my clients individual needs. I don't want you to pay for something you don't need and I'd love to help make your priorities number one on your day. Think of me as your Project Manager/Interior Designer for your wedding! I will help create an overall aesthetic that gives you all the feels on your day, whether you are classic and tailored or a bit whimsical and oh so au courant (of the moment)!

So are you ready to be a Sauvage Fleur client?

Click on the button below if you're like, oui s'il vous plait (Yes, Please), I want to work with you or email me at and don't forget to claim your complimentary bridal bouquet valued at $175.00 with a  *booking by November 1, 2017! 

*Booking must be for a minimum purchase of $800 and must include bridal party flowers and reception centerpieces prior to applicable taxes, rental items, venue visits and any additional planning services.

All the styles, all the venues

There are so many up and coming venues here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as more established, stylish and timeless venues.  The Sauvage Studio is conveniently located in Anacortes, Washington my team and I are well situated to serve our clients in the greater Seattle area as well as Eastern Washington and the entire West Coast. I aim to source locally grown flowers and support small businesses in our design decisions whenever possible. Over the last three years I have I have worked on weddings at The Axis Pioneer Square, The Hollywood Schoolhouse, Greenbank Farm, Crockett Farm, Marionfield Farm, The Majestic Inn and Spa, Laurel Creek Manor, private residences and these destination venues, Rock Springs in Bend, Oregon and Legacy Hill Farm in Castle Rock, Minnesota.

I love to travel and I am experienced with weddings both large and small!

While our website is receiving an upgrade, I encourage you to follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook @sauvagefleurdesign


Learn a Little More about my studio!

That's me at the SINCLAIR & MOORE WORKSHOP | Photography Maria Lamb

That's me at the SINCLAIR & MOORE WORKSHOP | Photography Maria Lamb

Sauvage Fleur is floral design, styling and wedding planning studio for the wild at heart, for the refined and for beauty that radiates from within. Our designs are organic, romantic and intentional with an attention to excellent client service. We are inspired by nature and fashion. We believe flowers and design can co-exist with the ability to bring a touch of wildness and style to our worlds. We bring a couture approach to floral design and strive to include our client's personality into each curated element. 

"The Sauvage Fleur Design Studio enjoys access to luxurious linens, table-scapes and decor accents. Functioning similar to an interior designer, I curate a complete decor package for our clients. This enables me to create a cohesive environment that gives my clients and their guests an amazing experience." 

Our studio is currently located at my home. As I look ahead into 2018 my goal is to create a space that gives my clients a place to envision their event, a gathering place for community workshops and a space to create a bouquet for home or special occasions. I invite you to join us on our journey to help create moments of style and joy whether it be for your wedding, for your home or for those you love. 

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