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couture approach

Sauvage Fleur is floral design and styling studio for the wild at heart, for the refined and for beauty that radiates from within. Our designs are lush and organic, garden inspired, whimsical and yet very refined. We are inspired by nature and fashion and believe they co-exist with the ability to bring a touch of wildness and style to our worlds. We start with a couture approach and strive to include our client's spirit and personality into each curated element. 


inspired by style

Refined and whimsical. Tailored and organic. Edgy and elegant. These words often describe our clients. How then do you combine two or more distinctive styles? The answer is often through observation, listening and learning from our clients. Then we are able to pull unique aspects from their styles which inspire us to create a design that truly reflects our clients resulting in a fabulous party that leaves you and your guests with the feeling of, let's do it again! 

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The Sauvage Fleur studio is located in Anacortes, Washington and serves the greater Seattle area including Eastern Washington, Portland, Oregon and California. 

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